Best Ways to Save On Water Bills During Winter

When winter hits, many of us feel the impact not just in our bones but also in our bills! While we often focus on the big utility bills this time of year (electricity and natural gas), saving money on smaller expenses such as the water bill is still a great way to save money and lessen the pinch. Here are some great, easy ways to save money on your water bill (and, as a bonus, be more green!).


Be shower smart. If you have a large family, your showering and bathing habits can be where most of your water usage is being spent. Encourage everyone to take showers rather than baths as they use less water. You can also set a time limit on showers, especially if you have one of those family members who tends to linger in the shower longer than he or she should! You might also want to encourage members of your family to shower every other day instead of every day as the shower can actually dry out the skin in winter months.

Electric Water Heater

Take a look at your water heater. Lowering the temperature to 120 degrees on your hot water heater can save you money on those bills (although the savings will probably show up in your electricity or natural gas bill). You can also insulate your water heater with an approved blanket. Washing clothes in warm or cold water rather than hot is another way to lower your hot water heater usage, but again, this will probably not show up on your water bill.

water plants

Watch the waste. We waste a lot of water without really realizing it. What do you do with the cold water that comes out of the tap as you wait for it to warm up? Most of us just let it go down the drain. Insert a jug under the tap and keep that cold water instead of throwing it away. You can use it to water plants, put it in a purifier in the fridge to use for drinking water or use it to clean with. If there is snow on the ground, you can also consider melting some of it to use for your plants.

No one can afford to throw money away any time of year, but the holidays usually create an even tighter budget and you should save wherever you can. By making a few minor adjustments in your and your family’s water habits, you can save money on those bills and have more to make your holidays bright!


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