Why A Holiday Lights Tour On A Party Bus Is A Great Idea

omaha lights tour

The holidays are the perfect time to get together with those closest to you and enjoy all the season has to offer together. Spending time with friends, family, colleagues, or business associates takes on an even deeper meaning during the holidays, but it can often be difficult deciding which holiday celebrations to take part in and how you should split your time between all those you want to see. One excellent choice this holiday season is to plan an event on a party bus to see the gorgeous array of lighted houses that make up the Omaha area. An event such as a Holiday Lights Tour has many benefits.

It’s Versatile
Having a holiday light tour on a party bus can really be tailored to any crowd and any preference. Want to make it a family-friendly event? Have hot chocolate and cookies and make a stop to see Santa at one of the many locations he’ll be appearing this season. Rather make it an adults-only event with your closest friends? Offer alcoholic drinks on the bus and pick up and drop off everyone at their homes so they don’t have to worry about driving.bus 7

It’s Safe
Getting together a bunch of people in cars to drive around the city to look at lights (especially if there are stops for drinks along the way) can pose a safety problem. By having a professional and experienced driver take your party around town, you’re taking the possibility of an accident or worse off the table and allowing your guests to truly enjoy themselves and the lights.

It Saves Time
No one wants to stress over holiday cooking, cleaning, and other host duties. The point of the holidays is to relax and enjoy spending time with those you love. Booking a holiday lights tour takes all the pressure and stress off you so you can really enjoy this time with family and friends. Listen to your favorite Christmas music, enjoy a drink, and watch the houses light up. No more worries about what’s to be done when you and your family can hop on a party bus and have a great time.

It’s Unique
Your guests are being invited to a lot of different holiday parties this year. However, they probably are not being invited to any parties that involve seeing lights from the comfort and fun atmosphere of a party bus! Having an entire holiday party on a bus while enjoying the lights is a truly memorable experience. By being unique, you are not only going to get more people to show up for this special event, but your party bus tour will stand out in their memories this holiday season.

holiday lights in omahaEnjoy the holiday season with some music, snacks, drinks, and of course, some beautiful lights—all in the contained, mobile and safe environment of a party bus! You and your guests will remember it for years to come. Book now to ensure availability as the holiday season can get very busy for party bus companies. Happy holidays!


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