3 Reasons To Buy Unconventional Holiday Gifts This Season

The holiday season is upon us, and with it comes the usual hustle and bustle of malls, boutiques, and online shopping. Many of us, however, are tired of the same old gifts and want to do something different this year. Why not make 2014 the year that you give gifts that have real benefits, either now or in the future, for those you love? While it’s always nice to give clothing, electronics, and gift cards, do you ever wonder how much those actually get used (or appreciated)? Here are some unconventional (yet very beneficial) ideas for those who mean the most to you!

unconventional gifts

Gift for Aging Parents

It can be difficult to get gifts for parents, especially after they have reached a certain age. Many parents will give you the ‘I have everything I need’ line when you ask them what they want and many times, they probably do! However, if your parents have not yet done their estate planning, this could be the perfect opportunity not only to give them a useful gift, but also give you peace of mind knowing their affairs are in order. Schedule them a time to meet with a professional estate planner and ask him or her to send you the bill afterward.


Gift for Adult Children

If you have children who are in early adulthood and have just graduated from college, have recently gotten married or who have moved away to start their own lives across the country, you might wonder what you could possibly do to help them. Instead of getting something for the house or a gift card to the mall, ask them about their dreams. Do they really want a new car but can’t afford it right now? Are they wishing they’d been able to take a nice honeymoon when they got married last year? Find a big ticket item and pay for a portion of it. Maybe you can’t get them that new Honda or send them to Jamaica, but you can at least get them started on the way to the goal—which also encourages them to find a way to save for it as well!

new car with bow

Gift for the Person Who Has Everything

Do you have one of those friends or family members who always seems to buy everything they want or need so that no one ever has any gift ideas for them around the holidays? Consider the person and what they are passionate about. Do they dote on their dog? Always encourage you to recycle? Read to underprivileged kids after school? Find where there heart is and make a donation in the person’s name to a local charity that helps those groups. Your gift will undoubtedly touch them and you’ll be contributing to a good cause!

charity for christmas

The holidays are a time of caring, sharing and spreading the holiday spirit! It’s not a time to stress out at the mall about which sweater to buy for a person who will probably never wear it. Think outside the box this year and buy an unconventional gift that will be appreciated and useful! Happy holidays!


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