Why Hire A Party Bus For Prom

prom partyProm night is meant to be one of the most memorable moments for a high school student before they head off to college. So, make it the most memorable party of your life as it is a once-in-a-lifetime event by booking a prom party bus for the big night. When you want your prom to be absolutely unforgettable, you want to do it right, and you only get one shot. With prom party bus rentals, you and your friends can get together on your way there and enjoy the ride to your after-party, wherever that may be. We’ll help this night be as special as possible with these party bus tips.

Plan Ahead
Avoid all the last minute rush and glitches as you don’t want to leave any stone unturned to ensure that this is the party of your life. The prom season is quickly approaching and it could be difficult getting a date and vehicle of your choice if you wait for the last minute. By booking your party bus early, you have a better chance to choose from our wide range of limo buses. You can choose your bus according to your needs and convenience, whereas if you try booking at the last minute, there may be only a few select models left which might not have the facilities that are sufficient to your needs. By booking early, you can choose from the fleet of party buses which can hold a large number of people without any difficulty. You can travel in style with all your friends. Some party buses are able to accommodate more than 40 people. In other words, you can have a party even before reaching the main party for an experience of a lifetime.IMG 2

Do It In Style
Just like slipping into that perfect dress or stepping into that flashy tux, riding to prom surrounded by extravagance and stepping out like you’re walking the red carpet is something everyone should do at least once. Party busses are equipped with the latest audio and video technology to give you entertainment while you enjoy the ride to the prom. With a great sound system, LED lighting, and limo-style seating, a party bus  is guaranteed to make the ride alone its own party. Party buses are sophisticated vehicles with numerous amenities such as flat screen TVs, fiber optic lighting, dance poles, disco balls, and more. You’ll love the looks you get when you step out of your party bus which offers the same VIP experience of a limo on a much larger scale.nebraska party bus

Do It Affordably
Not every student has the big budget for a prom and bus rentals can get pricey. However, gathering up to 20 or so of your closest friends, you’ll be cruising your way to the prom in VIP style but at a price that you can afford. If you’ve been struggling to save up your money, you’ll find that prom party bus rentals are not only affordable, but allow you to cut the cost of renting your own vehicle for you and your date. Remember to allow for tipping your driver as well. The value packed into the rental rate of a party bus is unsurpassed. This ride will provide ample entertainment as well as transportation, and when you divide the rate between all of your buddies, the cost is quite affordable.

Get Valet Service
Another important advantage of booking a party bus rental for prom is that you will get door to door service for all your friends. You can stop the bus at the place or destination of your choice. So if you’re going out to dinner first, just hanging out on the bus for some pre-prom fun, or heading to the dance, a party bus will get you to all the places you need to go. At the end of the event, your driver will be waiting to whisk you safely back home.

limousine-driverDo It Safely
The excitement of prom is one that can be almost overwhelming. At the same time, you want to make sure that you arrive in safety and comfort. An accident with your parent’s car, or even your own car could easily ruin your night. With a party bus rental, not only do you get there safely, but you don’t have to worry about driving and potentially ruining your date’s night as well. Hiring a professional to do the driving also lets you have a memorable and safe prom night. A chauffeured bus eliminates the need to focus on the road and instead focus on your date. It ensures that you and all of your best friends can share the experience together.

The fact is by booking a prom party bus you can get many privileges and facilities and make you feel like a superstar for the night, which will make this memorable day even more memorable and worthwhile. If you follow our tips, you shouldn’t have a problem having an amazing time with your friends at prom. But take our advice and don’t wait until the last minute to make a booking due to the high demand of party buses during prom season.


2 responses to “Why Hire A Party Bus For Prom

  1. I like the idea helping our kids have a memorable senior prom before they head off to college. Our daughter will be a senior next year. I think a party bus rental is an awesome idea! I also like avoiding the last minute rush, which is why I’m researching this now. Our daughter and her friends have already started talking about it, so I think it’ll be a good idea to help them out. Thanks for the great tips and ideas on renting a party bus.


  2. That is awesome that party buses are equipped with the latest audio and video technology. I can just picture myself showing up to prom in this sweet ride with music blasting! Usually you only hear about limousine transportation, rarely bus hire but this is so cool! I’ll have to check this out before we go to prom this year!


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