15 Cheap and Easy DIY Kids Costumes for Halloween

15 cheap and easy kids costumes for Halloween“What are you going to be for Halloween?” It’s the question that stimulates kids’ conversations every October. And even though kids may be thinking of Halloween in September, October 31 seems to creep up on parents every single year. Parents scrounge around to find that just right costume for their young ones. Many parents want a one-of-a-kind disguise that doesn’t cost a fortune and isn’t too hard to make from scratch. This Halloween make an original costume your kids will love to wear and you’ll be proud to show off. Get into the spirit with creative ideas that can be pulled together with easy items you already own such as cupcake liners, coffee filters, and more.

Race Car Driver
He’ll go from zero to race-ready in a jiffy by decorating an everyday track suit with a few strips of tape (get the how-tos). This speedy costume takes very little time to make but will win awards with kids. Then add a trophy and checkered flag for a finishing touch.racecar-costume_gal

Watercolor Paint Tray
The narrow tray with ovals of watercolor paint is a part of every kid’s childhood. Turn this classic childhood toy into a colorful costume. Top it off with a handmade French-inspired beret and a jumbo paintbrush made from an inexpensive pool noodle. Get the step-by-step instructions.watercolor

Just because summer is over doesn’t mean we have to be done thinking of our favorite fruits. This sweet disguise starts with a ripe red shirt and a pair of matching leggings. Complete the fruity look with a stem made from felt, pipe cleaners, and more (get the how-tos).strawberry-costume_gal

Ice Cream Cone With Cherry on Top
It may look vanilla, but it’s certainly not plain. To make this delicious costume, a laundry basket cone was topped off with a paper-mache scoop then sprinkled with multicolored plastic balls. Add a little chiffon and a cherry-red hat on top. Get the step-by-step instructionsCI-ManviDrona-Ice-cream-cone-Halloween-costume_h.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.1707

Skunk Costume
A six-foot marabou feather boa (find at a party store) creates this skunk’s stripes, while its head and tail are a soft fake fur. If you can’t find baby-size black pants and shirts, use black tights and a T-shirt instead. Make this Costume: Get Step-by-Step Instructionsmake-yourself-halloween-costumes-03-sl

Smartphone With Earbuds
Every kid wants one, so why not let them be one? To make this costume, simply take a screenshot of your phone’s screen and take a photo of the back of another phone. Send the images to a copy center to have them enlarged. Adhere the front-and-back images to two pieces of cardboard then tie the cardboard together with string. A set of round potholders covered in foam are used to make the earbuds. Get the step-by-step instructionsCI-Manvi-Drona-iPod-Halloween-Costume_v.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.1280.1707

Firefighter Costume
Firefighters in recent years have become universal heroes, so many youngsters — both boys and girls — are likely to choose this costume. You can buy a firefighter’s hat at a party store. Make this Costume: Get Step-by-Step Instructions.make-yourself-halloween-costumes-21-sl

Turtle Costume
A favorite animal for Halloween costumes, this slowpoke character is fast to make using throwaway turkey roasting pans from the grocery. Add a few accessories to turn this turtle into one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Make this Costume: Get Step-by-Step Instructionsturtle costume

Many girls dream of what life would be like as a mermaid. Make a splash out of water with this easy-to-create aquatic costume that requires streamers, cupcake liners, and more (get the how-tos).mermaid-costume_gal

Bull in a China Shop
We all have that child who was like a bull in a china shop. Turn this timeless expression into an adorable Halloween costume and be the talk of any Halloween Party this year. Get the step-by-step instructionsbull in a china shop costume

Vet or Doctor
The doc is in. And he’ll be mending and repairing the stuffed animals, bath toys, and robots. Getting dressed for surgery requires an oversized button-down shirt, shower cap, and more (get the how-tos). When this guy is not on-call, you can find him in the playroom spending quality time with his patients. Find kid scrubs here: rmfscrubs.com.vet-costume_gal

Mac ‘n’ Cheese
Start saving cardboard paper towel and toilet paper tubes to make this cheesy costume. If you don’t have time, just use yellow oak tag. The macaroni tubes are adhered to a yellow cheese-colored rain jacket and the bowl is made from a laundry basket covered in blue cardboard. Get the step-by-step instructions.mac n cheese costume

A sweet twist on a classic costume that requires a few frilly strands of ribbon to make those funny bones at home (get the how-tos).cute skeleton Halloween costume

Chimney Sweep
“Chim-chiminy, chim-chiminy, chim chim cher-ee,” this Halloween costume is as cute as could be; and so easy to make! Get the step-by-step instructionschimney sweep costume

“Roar!” This fun dinosaur hat and spiky tail costume will make every child stomp with delight. Get the step-by-step instructionsdinosaur costume



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